Affordable Cleaning Prices in Putney SW15

No one offers cheaper cleaning prices in Putney SW15. Our localised service means low overhead and big savings for the customer. It also means you may arrange our services to fit your individual requirements - and your pocketbook!

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Putney Package Deals:

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  • End of Tenancy + Home Removal service = save 10 % of the End of Tenancy + 10% of the Removal
  • End of Tenancy + Window cleaning from the outside = get up to 30 GBP off for bookings over 200 GBP
  • End of Tenancy + Gardening/Patio clean = up to 30 GBP off for bookings over 200 GBP
  • End of Tenancy + Junk Removal = save up to 10 % from the Tenancy clean

End of Tenancy Cleaning and Move-Out Cleaning Prices in Putney

End of tenancy cleaning prices vary from job to job, depending on the size of the property and specific areas to be cleaned. End of tenancy cleaning from Cleaners Putney is a guaranteed service and covers the highest industry standards for end of tenancy cleaning.

Example prices according to your property type:

  • Studio flat (excluding carpet cleaning) from £89
  • Studio flat (including carpet cleaning) from £122
  • One Bedroom Property (excluding carpet cleaning) from £123
  • One Bedroom Property (including carpet cleaning) from £165
  • Two Bedroom Property (excluding carpet cleaning) from £164
  • Two Bedroom Property (including carpet cleaning) from £223
  • Three Bedroom Property (excluding carpet cleaning) from £185
  • Three Bedroom Property (including carpet cleaning) from £260

For special requests, formal quotations and appointments please call one of our operating staff on 020 3404 2178.

Prices for Regular Domestic Cleaning in Putney

  •     £10 per hour per cleaner for three to five hours weekly OR four to five hours fortnightly
  •     £11 per hour per cleaner for two hours per visit weekly OR three hours per visit fortnightly
  •     £9.5 per hour per cleaner for over 5 hours per visit weekly OR fortnightly
    All price are subject to availability.

One-Off Cleaning Putney Prices

  • £12.5 per hour

Cleaning detergents and equipment can be provided for an extra £13, for cleanings that are booked for more than 6 hours. For one-off services that are less than 6 hours, customers need to provide their cleaning equipment.

Removals Putney Prices

Price 1 Man 2 Men 3 Men
Per hour /Min 2 hrs/ 38 +8 +16
Per half day /Up to 4 hr/ 152 184 216
Per day /Up to 8 hrs/ 304 368 432
*All prices are including taxes
*Boxes are available upon request.
*Our charge starts when the van arrives at the address. All Vans are equipped with removal blankets, trolleys and GPS systems.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Putney Prices

We’re great at carpet/upholstery cleaning, but we have other talents too.
Book a carpet/upholstery appointment for above our min charge and get 1 FREE regular cleaning session.
CALL 020 3404 2178 NOW to find out more about this deal.

Prices vary depending on the size and fabric of the carpets to be cleaned. Example prices include:

  • Single Bedroom Carpet Cleaning £24
  • Living Room Carpet Cleaning £28
  • Three-Seat Sofa Microfibre Cleaning £40
  • 1 pair short Curtains £19

Rubbish Removal Prices in Putney

The price rates that our operators will discuss with you are based on the amount/weight of rubbish you would like to be carried out.

The table below gives an example of our standard rates

Cubic Yards Van Loaded Approx Weight Price
1 Min Charge 100 kg £40 - £80
3 1/4 Van 300 kg £80 - £110
6 1/2 Van 600 kg £140 - £170
9 3/4 Van 900 kg £180 - £220
12 Full Van 1200 kg £230 - £270

Our prices include:

  • Labour
  • Transport
  • Recycling
  • Disposal fees
  • All prices are composed on type, volume and weight of the rubbish.

Putney Handyman service price:

Monday-Wednesday: 30 GBP per hour+10 GBP call out charge (VAT not icluded)
Thursday-Sunday: 45 GBP per  hour (VAT not included)
All necessary tools and equipment will be provided.  

Putney Window Cleaning Prices:

  • Outside Window Cleaning - £4 per standard size double window. Minimum charge is £35.
  • Inside Window Cleaning - £2 per standard size double window. Minimum charge apply.

Gardening Service Putney Prices:

  • Basic Gardening (incl. lawn mowing/ grass cutting, weeding, hedge and bush trimming, spring & autumn tidy ups) – including all required tools, equipment and materials - £33 per hour for 2 people;
  • Professional Garden Maintenance ( incl. patio, path and deck cleaning; tree trimming; cutting of large bushes or big garden clearances) - including all required tools, equipment and materials - £33 per hour for 2 people;
  • Gardening per Price - for tasks such as laying new grass, turfing, stonework; building a pond, fireplace, fountain, etc., we visit the site, discuss your needs and ideas and give you a quote for the specific work. - to be confirmed after a survey;

We charge £10 initial call out charge for all our appointments. Minimum is 2 gardeners for 1hour for which we charge £43.

Office Cleaning Putney Prices

  • 3 to 5 hours weekly - £10 excluding VAT
  • 5 to 10 hours weekly - £9.50 excluding VAT
  • 10 to 20 hours weekly - £9 excluding VAT
  • 20 and more hours - £8 excluding VAT

Oven Cleaning Putney Prices:

  • Standard Width
    • Single oven, including two racks - £45
    • Double oven, including three racks - £63
    • Extractor - £14
    • Microwave oven - £14
    • Gas Hob - £18
    • Ceramic Hob - £12
    • Complete Range - £77
  • 90 cm Width Ranges or Bigger
    • Range Hood or Hob - £24
    • Single Wide Oven, including three racks - £63
    • Range 1/2 size Oven - £30
    • Warming Drawer Door - £6
    • Complete Range 90cm - £77
    • Complete Range 110cm - £93
  • AGA (Alpha,Stanley,Rayburn)
    • 2 Oven Size - £79
    • 4 Oven Size - £110
    • Side Module - £58
  • BBQ's 
    • BBQ small - £40
    • BBQ big (over 50cm) - £60
  • Extra Bulb change - £4
  • Extra Grill Pans / Trays - £7 each

Minimum charge for oven cleaning services is £45.

Please bear in mind that our service includes cleaning of the original racks and grill pans in the oven only. Any additional fixtures will incur extra charges.

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